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Anti-cellulite gel to tighten and smooth the complexion. Through the regular use ofCellulite & Anti Aging Creama tight and smooth body image is achieved. The product also stimulates collagen formation. Similar mode of action as with the cupping technique. Very warming. Can have a reddening effect.


Manufacturing: Made in Germany

Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream

SKU: CC100
200 Milliliters
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  • Application & effect: Our anti-aging product for firm skin
    Cellulite & Anti Aging Creamis applied specifically to the regions of the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms and penetrates deep into the membranes and lower connective tissue, causing a pleasant tingling sensation, sometimes also a slight burning sensation, and a clear reddening of the skin that lasts about 2 hours. This is desirable because it also shows the effect of the product. 

    The productCellulite & Anti Aging Creamcan be used daily and should not be washed off after use. Gloves must be worn during application as the product contains caffeine. To increase the effect, a body wrap can be used in addition to applying the product to the respective body regions. 

    Cellulite & Anti Aging Creamis not a care product, because it has the task of penetrating deep into the skin in order to obtain a smooth complexion. This is suitable for women who want firm skin and a detoxified body. A smooth complexion for all ages.

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