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The innovative product Cellulite Anti Aging Cream has an intensive, firming effect, stimulates the metabolism and smoothes the skin while at the same time detoxifying the body.

The revolutionary productCellulite & Anti Aging Creamhas an intensively tightening and skin-smoothing effect while detoxifying the body at the same time. Cellulite is combated by stimulating the metabolism and loosening fat cells, while regulating collagen formation promotes a firm, smooth complexion.Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream– the innovative solution against cellulite and skin aging.

Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging
Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging


Are you looking for an effective solution to get rid of cellulite while rejuvenating your skin? Then Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream is the perfect choice for you! With a revolutionary formula specially designed to tone your body and smooth your skin, you can look forward to impressive results.

The innovative product contains powerful ingredients that stimulate metabolism and help dissolve fat cells, which in turn leads to a visible reduction in cellulite. At the same time, Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream regulates collagen formation, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. The skin detox is an added bonus, cleansing and revitalizing your body from the inside out.

The application of the Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream product is easy and offers a quick and effective solution to significantly improve your complexion. With visible results, you'll feel more confident in your skin and start enjoying firmer, smoother skin instantly. Convince yourself now of the powerful formula that will improve your complexion sustainably and make you glow!


Discover the difference

Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging

Deep tightening

For more elasticity: Our product ensures intensive blood circulation in the skin, tightens the connective tissue and gives the skin new elasticity. Discover its powerful effects.

Youthful suppleness

Enjoy a new youthfulness of your skin. Because our product supports the body's own production of collagen, which increases the firmness and firmness of your skin.

Wrinkle-free smoothing

Say goodbye to cellulite: strengthening the epidermis and regaining elasticity results in smoother skin after just a few applications. Get ready for a visibly rejuvenated appearance, with a significant reduction in wrinkles and dents.

Bye bye fat cells

Say goodbye to fat cells: Our anti-cellulite product for a toned figure helps to break down accumulated fat cells, loosens fascia and supports the natural breakdown of fat.

metabolism boost

Feel fit and vital: Our product activates the metabolism, ensures improved detoxification and optimal lymphatic drainage. The result is a revitalized metabolism and a strengthened body feeling.

Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging


A healthy body for a happy life.

Deep tightening.
Experience a firmer, smooth and supple complexionCellulite & Anti Aging Cream. Our innovative product penetrates deep into the membranes and tightens the tissue by heating the lowest layer of connective tissue and making fat cells and fascia elastic again. A high proportion of natural plant substances supports the detoxification and relief of the cells, which means that blocked lymphatics can flow freely again.


Natural detox.

Discover withCellulite & Anti Aging Creamthe natural support for healthy skin.Cellulite & Anti Aging Creamworks similar to a cupping treatment, but much gentler. It can be applied daily to desired regions such as thighs, abdomen, upper arms and hips for optimal results. You can also use a body wrap for an even more intense effect. A redness of the skin lasting about two hours is a sign of the activity of the cream and is considered desirable. Please note that the product should be applied with gloves or washed off thoroughly after use. 

Don't compromise and experience the ultimate solution for your skin!


Gel can be applied daily. First, use a body brush to dry your body.

Distribute the Gel on thigh, hip, belly, buttocks and upper arm using disable gloves. Additionally, a foil wrap can also be applied. Please do not wash off the  Gel. Avoid contact of the Gel with the eye.Skin redness for about one hour is a sign for activated metabolism and blood circulation and is desirable.

Do not apply the Gel on irritated skin or open wounds. Keep off from children. Do not use foil wraps on warts,spider veins and varicose veins.Do not apply when pregnant and during lactation.


Was Sie wissen sollten

Die Andrea Harich Peeling-Supercharge-Body Brush entfernt abgestorbene Hautzellen und Schmutz. Sie reduzieren Cellulite und leitet Giftstoffe aus Ihrem Körper ab. Gleicht Ihre Energie aus und erdet Sie . Die Peeling-Body Brush ist mittelweich und stimuliert gleichzeitig Ihren Lymphfluss. Danach können Sie mein Produkt Cellulite & Anti-Aging verwenden. Gefertigt aus natürlichem Rosshaar und Fibre (Agavenblätter) Mischung. Das Holz ist aus 100 % zertifiziertem Buchenholz.Der Griff aus Bio Leinen. Diese edle Body Brush wurde von Hand gefertigt.

Made in Austria


Get out of the cellulite nightmare

I am enthusiastic about the new product Cellulite & Anti Aging Cream. As a real estate agent who travels a lot, I unfortunately have little time for sports. Nevertheless, I build on a well-groomed and taut appearance, because I benefit from that in my job. The product penetrates deep into the connective tissue and tightens it, no matter where I am. The natural ingredients have completely convinced me. After only 5 applications, a visible improvement in my complexion can already be seen. And I feel comfortable in my own skin again!

Tina B., real estate agent, 55 years old

Amazing results

Although I am very thin due to my job as a model, I have always struggled with slight cellulite, which cannot be removed even with weight loss. Since I don't do any sport, I was looking for a solution. I tried the product and I am positively amazed by the results, because I really did not expect such a drastic improvement. My skin looks noticeably firmer and smoother and I use it regularly now. I recommend it to anyone!
Kim S, model, 26

Younger looking in a few weeks

I have had problems with my connective tissue since the birth of my child, although I was very well trained and fit before that. I have tried many different products but none have worked as well as this one. The cream penetrates deep into the connective tissue and loosens the fat cells and fascia. I am delighted with the results and will definitely recommend it.
Carolina S., on maternity leave, 31 

Goodbye skin imperfections

Since my fortieth birthday I have been frustrated by the signs of aging on my skin. However, since using this product, I see a significant difference. My skin looks much smoother. My skin feels tighter and I've even had a few compliments from other women at the gym. I recommend it to any woman struggling with poor connective tissue.”
Laura G., Product Manager, 42

Effective care

As a woman in a managerial position in an international corporation, I have little time for sport and exercise. So I was looking for a product that could tighten and smooth my skin. The result: Excellent! Since using this product I feel like a new person. 
Melanie W., Manager, 47 


Beauty with responsibility:
This is how we deal with nature

Nature in its purest form: Our raw materials for a better tomorrow

Our products are not only effective, but also sustainable. Sustainability and responsibility towards nature as well as respect for animals are our top priority. In this respect, we attach great importance to the use of natural raw materials in our high-quality products. Nature offers us unique ingredients that ensure maximum effectiveness and tolerability. 


A product with a green soul

We focus on sustainability - for a better future: Our high quality and purity requirements not only guarantee the highest level of safety, but also the first-class effectiveness of our products, which are thoroughly tested. This is a testament to our respect for nature and our commitment to a sustainable future.

Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging
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