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The advanced special technology from the USA that ensures well-being

Cupping is a natural and gentle method that stimulates lymph flow and promotes the skin's elastin and collagen production. Cupping is an advanced specialty technique that was developed in the United States around 15 years ago. It leads to a firmer and smoother complexion, greater elasticity of the connective tissue, more mobility in the joints and increased blood circulation in the tissue and muscles. Celebrities and models in particular swear by the effect of the method, which is not only aimed at beauty, but also at general well-being and maintaining physical health. Last but not least, the use of cupping goes hand in hand with a better body feeling and a general increase in performance. 

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Andrea Harich worked for many years as an international fashion stylist in Paris, Milan and New York and has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Inspired by her work as a stylist, where she often worked with models with poor connective tissue, Andrea Harich decided to also train as a cupping therapist. This experience encouraged her to develop an anti-aging and cellulite product that supports the body from the outside. 

Created in cooperation with a skin lab in GermanyCellulite and Anti Aging Cream. The innovative product has a skin-tightening and smoothing effect and improves body awareness and well-being. With her new cellulite & anti-aging cream, Andrea Harich has created another dimension in beauty care. The cream is formulated with natural botanicals and contains caffeine to stimulate microcirculation and remove excess water from cells. The special combination of ingredients ensures that blocked lymphatics can flow freely again and that dents in the skin are reduced. The cream is also ideal for preventing the signs of aging.

Andrea Harich attaches great importance to the fact that her products are environmentally friendly. They are filled exclusively in glass and made by hand. No paraffins or plastics are used and no animal testing is carried out. The products are allergy and dermatologically tested to ensure they are suitable for all skin types. For Andrea Harich, sustainability is not just a trend, but a conviction. She would like to contribute to protecting and preserving the environment and resources. 

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