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Factors of natural skin aging

The causes of cellulite, which is characterized by wavy orange peel skin, can be varied and include the following factors, among others:

  • an overload of lipids, 

  • Circulatory disorders, 

  • a disturbed hormone balance, 

  • genetic predisposition, 

  • lack of water supply and stagnant toxins,

  • occluded lymphs and 

  • bonded fascia.

However, it is possible to reduce the signs of cellulite through a healthy diet and the use of cosmetic products rich in active ingredients. It should be noted that every body reacts individually and can have a different sensitivity to the causes mentioned.


Change in skin structure with age

Consequences of unused energy reserves
In the lowest layer of the skin are adipocyte cells that store fats and triglycerides as an energy reserve. When we consume more calories than we expend, these reserves fill up and adipocyte cells enlarge, which can lead to an increase in fat cell volume. This can put pressure on the blood vessels and lymphatic system, which in turn can impair blood circulation. This can lead to various health problems in the long term.

Hormones such as estrogen and insulin promote the development of cellulite
Estrogen and insulin are hormones involved in the cellulite formation process. Decreased production of estrogen can reduce blood circulation under the skin and impair collagen production, which can contribute to the development of cellulite.

Cellulite: Genetic factors also play a role
In addition to hormones and genetics, poor water supply and stagnant toxins can also contribute to the development of cellulite. When skin structure is compromised and inflammation occurs, collagen and elastin fibers can become damaged and become hard and stiff over time. This causes the fat cells to become unevenly distributed, causing the well-known dents and bumps on the skin.

Andrea Harich - Cellulite -Anti Aging


A healthy body for a happy life.

Deep tightening.
Experience a firmer, smooth and supple complexionCellulite & Anti Aging Cream. Our innovative product penetrates deep into the membranes and tightens the tissue by heating the lowest layer of connective tissue and making fat cells and fascia elastic again. A high proportion of natural plant substances supports the detoxification and relief of the cells, which means that blocked lymphatics can flow freely again.


Natural detox.

Discover withCellulite & Anti Aging Creamthe natural support for healthy skin.Cellulite & Anti Aging Creamworks similar to a cupping treatment, but much gentler. It can be applied daily to desired regions such as thighs, abdomen, upper arms and hips for optimal results. You can also use a body wrap for an even more intensive effect.A redness of the skin lasting about two hours is a sign of the activity of the cream and is considered desirable.Please note that the product should be applied with gloves or washed off thoroughly after use. 

Don't compromise and experience the ultimate solution for your skin!


Gel can be applied daily. First,use a body brush to dry your body.

Distribute the Gel on thigh,hip,belly,buttocks and upper arm using disable gloves. Additionally,a foil wrap can also be applied. Please do not wash off the  Gel. Avoid contact of the Gel with the eye.Skin redness for about one hour is a sign for activated metabolism and blood circulation and is desirable.

Do not apply the Gel on irritated skin or open wounds. Keep off from children. Do not use foil wraps on warts,spider veins and varicose veins.Do not apply when pregnant and during lactation.


Combination of nutrition, sport and the perfect care products

Caffeine – a natural cellulite reducing agent: Caffeine promotes microcirculation and blood circulation while at the same time removing excess water from the cells. As a result, cellulite can be reduced and the skin appears firmer and smoother.

A balanced diet and regular exercise are important to maintain a healthy skin structure. It is important to eat enough healthy fats in addition to carbohydrates and proteins.

You should also protect your body from toxins and poisons. To achieve this, it is advisable to avoid alcohol and tobacco products and not to be exposed to the sun without protection for a long time.

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